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IDEAL TIMING... Keeping Their Home Dreams Alive

A SPECIAL NOTE FOR COMMITTED AGENTS: The last 3 years has been rough on countless millions of people, worldwide. In the U.S. it has especially been rough on the real estate market, and for now it is getting worst. Countless thousands of would-be home buyers and sellers are putting their real estate dreams on hold. But the good thing about being an American and living in America  is, we are confident that sooner or later things will turn around, it always does. Another reality for most Americans is, most home buyer’s and seller’s “HOME DREAMS NEVER DIE”, even during hard times. Also, regardless of how bad things get, real estate transactions will still take place. I am saying this because I remember when mortgage rates were averaging between 16-20%, sometimes more depending on the type of mortgage and it’s term. Even then, people were still buying and selling homes; especially, after they adjusted to the economic and real estate environments. For you agents and brokers who are committed to sticking to the real estate profession for the long haul, your secondary focus should be to help as many homebuyers and sellers as you can keep their dreams alive. When you are committed to this, many of them will call on you when the time is right. To accomplish this you must BRAND YOUR NAME in their minds, and keep your contact information readily and easily available to them. The following information will help you accomplish this name branding process, as well as give your hot prospects a fast easy way to contact you, or see your listings.

Education... Action Plan... And Opportunity

In A Time When Real Estate Prospects And Leads Could Take Up To 3 Months Or More Before Signing A Contract With An Agent... The Following System Could Be A Money Making Prospects & Leads Generating... Plus Retention Game-Changer! So Play Close Attention To The Following!

Protecting Your Investment of... Time... Money... And Effort

As stated in the above video, all successful real estate agents constantly promote their properties and services in every way possible. When they do, prospects and leads contact them daily with questions about properties, general real estate questions, and a host of other reasons. Smart agents cheerfully approach every contact as a unique opportunity to win over new clients by helping them make their home buying and selling dreams a reality.  But before and after that home buying and selling  reality takes place, there is another undisputed reality: “All Buyers And Sellers Want To Make And Feel They Have Made Wise Decisions!” As you will soon see, that is where you can stand out from the crowd, with a few seconds of extra effort!

Regardless of whether you consider yourself successful or not, or even a new agent, you will have to do much of same as the top agents in your area in order to prosper the most. You will have to invest time, money and effort. Make your investments wiser by holding on to a larger percentage of the prospects and leads you invest so much to attract and acquire.

Introducing Our NEW "Home Dream Rewards" Prospects & Leads Retention And Nurturing eLearning System


As you will soon see... The Whole System Starts With A Simple... "THANK YOU"!

The eLearning Revolution + Leads Retention & Nurturing = $$$

We Have Fused Modern Internet, Computer, Mobile Device, And eLearning Technologies Into The Ultimate Lead Generation & Retention System Ever Created For Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Prospects & Leads Nurturing... Playing the Short & Long Game

"Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with your prospects with the goal of earning their business when they're ready. Lead nurturing is important to inbound marketing because it’s your opportunity to provide value to your leads and customers and help them grow with your business." (HubSpot.com)

The eLearning Revolution For Realtors...

We have repurposed elearning into an awesome new prospects and leads generation plus retention and nurturing system that will help your real estate business grow for both now and the future. We have also added a new twist… We reward your prospects and leads for learning valuable information about buying and selling a home. You become a local real estate hero, which equals more referrals and commissions; the system does the work.

The "Home Dream Rewards" Prospects & Leads Retention And Nurturing eLearning System

According to a 2021 National Association of Realtors® report, the average homebuyer prospect takes up to 10 weeks, sometimes more, searching for a home. It also states, “the average prospect tours up to 10 homes”. If one of the homes is yours, that’s up to 10 competing homes and agents. Three(3) months of searching, and 10 competing agents is a lot time and competition, what are you doing to first attract, and then keep the attention of the home buying searchers, sellers, and even dreamers who contact you?

Over 3 Months Of Perfectly Timed And Delivered Content & Rewards...

Featuring Our "Home Dreams Basic Training eCourse" + 3 Powerful Buyer-Seller Tips Mini Video eCourses + 2 BONUS eCourses... And Much More!


Video eCourses Sample Videos

Play Video

(Video wording will show below each video in actual lessons.)

Play Video

(Video wording will show below each video in actual lessons.)

BONUS MINI-ECOURSES... Sell Your Home Faster eCourse & Financing Your Home Facts And Tips eCourse... Plus Buyer & Seller FAQ Sections


Both courses also include special reward gifts for completing each course. These 2 courses are text only, but the topics are extremely important to all home buyers and sellers. The separate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sections saves agents valuable time by not having to answer repetitive often asked questions over the phone or through emails and texting.

Home Dream Rewards eLearning Incentives

"An Awesome NEW Way To Reward Your Prospects And Leads For Keeping You And Your Real Estate Services At The Top-Of-Their-Minds"

Vacations... Travel... Discounts Incentives

As a real estate agent, you have probably realized one fact… your competition is growing and fierce. As stated earlier, it is not getting any easier to get and keep prospects and leads, unless you offer them something that no, or very few, area agents are. In other words, you must differentiate yourself from your competitors so when prospects and leads think about real estate services you offer, they will think about and remember you. Giveaway Incentives are one way of accomplishing that goal.

As you look throughout the internet you will find hundreds of various gifts and incentives companies use to attract and incentivize business growth and sales, but what we offer are incentives that have a much greater perceived value, at far less cost, because they are travel and discount club certificates which are included in the agent membership. The certificates are automatically awarded after every eCourse, regardless of how many prospects and leads you give this system to. The discounts and savings within the certificates can not be found anywhere on the internet, and are through a company who has been in the travel and incentives business since 1995.

These are the certificates we feature in our Home Dream Rewards System: “$1000 Restaurant & Grocery Savings”, “7 Night Resort Vacation (over 85 resort locations within almost every state of the U.S., including almost all well known beach and resort locations within the U.S. and Hawaii, plus the Bahamas, Canada, the Caribbeans, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, and Spain), “Wholesale Cruise Membership Club (save up to 65% off published cruise prices plus additional benefits and bonuses), “Hotels Discount Club (over 1,000,000 Hotels and Resorts that offer up to 75% off public and travel sites rates), “Villas-Apartments-Homes Vacation Rentals Discounts Club (save up to 70% off Apartments, Homes, and Villas around the globe, plus these discounts are not available to the general public), “$500 In Savings Card (Dining, Theaters, Theme Parks, Sports, Travel, and more), and the “3 Day Hotel Getaway” as the notifications signup gifts.

The Whole System Starts With Our HDR Agent Personalized Site

Agent Prospects & Leads Site Top Half

Agent Prospects & Leads Site Bottom Half

Agent Homepage Branding & Contact Info + Action Buttons

Agent Inner Lessons & Pages Contact Info + Action Buttons

The Home Dream Rewards Mobile + Desktop App Integration

The Quick & Easy Home Dream Rewards Connection!

Mobile + Desktop App For News & Gifts Notifications… Plus the app serves as a quick easy access to your system as a ecourses information refresher. This is especially true because of the 3 months or longer home shopping and buying process, and the time it takes for dreamers to make up their minds.

For this reason we incorporated our “Easy One-Click Instant Access Mobile and Desktop App”. The above “Mobile & Desktop Icon” gives your prospects and leads “Easy 1-Click Fast Access” to your Home Dream Rewards System, which includes your contact information. In just a few simple clicks our “Home Dream App Icon” will be added to their cellphone’s and other mobile devices’s homescreens.

The app works on Desktop, Laptop, Android Phones & Touch Pads, Apple iPhones & iPads, and other brands! We use the app for periodic notifications, gifts, tips, and other information. Because your Agent ID is branded to the HDR online system, your contact information is shown. Your prospects and leads receive an Extra Special Gift just for activating the app!

All You Do Is Give This System Away!


THAT'S IT... Our System Does The Rest!

The Law of Reciprocity... "Give, And It Shall Be Given Unto You; Good Measure, Pressed Down, And Shaken Together, And Running Over, Shall MEN Give Into Your Bosom" - Luke 6:38

With this awesome system there is… NO Selling… NO Convincing… And NO Pressure For You Or Your Prospects And Leads! You simply show your gratitude by giving your current and future prospects and leads, and those who contact you by phone, email, text messages, and other means, something of real value, Your Personalized Home Dream Reward System. REMEMBER: It all starts with a simple “THANK YOU”! THAT’S THE SIMPLICITY OF THIS WHOLE SYSTEM! The more you give this system away, the more money you will make.

"FREE Home Dream Rewards!" Equals 4 Powerful Words To Help You Get More Bang For Your Advertising & Promotions Bucks!

FREE… The Most Powerful Word In Marketing! For centuries individuals and businesses have used the word “FREE” to help motivate people to do, buy or participate in an abundance things; especially in sales and marketing. Do you advertise your homes, agency or services in local newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, billboards, or other local media? Simply adding the words “FREE Home Dream Rewards” could help double or triple your ad responses; at minimal added expense, if any. Even people thinking or dreaming about buying a property may respond to your ads, which for most smart agents is a good thing. Do you display yard signs, brochures, flyers, or other printed materials? Simply add “FREE Home Dream Rewards” to them for greater responses.  IT’S ALL ABOUT LEADS! By using those few simple words you will start to receive more calls and leads than you ever thought possible. This unique system makes it all work for you, at a cost even new agents can afford.

You or your agency can also help make your homes standout by adding “FREE Home Dream Rewards”, preferably in bold text, in the descriptions or features of homes you have listed in sites like: Zillow.com, Realtor.com, Homes.com, Trulia, HomeFinder.com, and other local and national home listings and agents focused sites.

Other Easy Ways To Promote & Capitalize On Your HDR System

Personalized Business Card Size Handouts


(Upon request, we provide you a free print-ready card template with your HDR Agent ID on it. Cards can be printed online for as liittle as $20 for 500.)

Website Buttons For Your Realtor Or Listings Sites


A NOTE ABOUT THE CARDS: Not only can you use these cards to hand to prospects you personally meet, you can also lay them around in your office, on your desk, at open houses, or give a few to family and friends that know people who are thinking about buying or selling a home in the near or distant future. You can even ask business owner family, friends, or people you do business with, to lay a some cards around at their business locations.  A NOTE ABOUT THE WEBSITE BUTTONS: You will find your agent personalized button codes in the “Agent Area” after you signup and login. Simply look under the “Creatives” tab, then copy and paste the code wherever you like in your site. If someone else manages you site, give him or her the code.

Your Personalized URL...

Once you sign up for our system and complete the setup information form you receive a referral web address (also called a URL) like this: https://homedreamrewards.us/agt/101 (UserID is a number assigned to each agent member). When you are the first agent to refer prospects, leads and contacts through your personalized URL our system attaches those visitors to you in the system’s memory for 2-FULL-YEARS, which means if your referrals comes back to our system, even by using a direct link to HomeDreamsRewards.us, your referrals will still stay attached to you; as long as they are visiting using the same computer or mobile device, and you are an active HDR Agent Member. This allows for even dreamers to keep you and your services at the top-of-their-minds; especially if they install the app, which adds the HDR icons on the desktops of their computers, and homescreens of their cellphones and other devises. These icons will serve as a reminder and quick easy access to your personalized branded HDR system. This is the advantage of the 2-FULL-YEARS.

Promoting Your Personalized URL Through Social Media


Social Media Is A Powerful Way To Take Advantage Of FREE Word-Of-Mouth Advertising... Especially When Using The Most Powerful Word In Marketing: The Word "FREE"

Your personalized URL (Ex: https://homedreamrewards.us/agt/101) can be posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr, Nextdoor, WhatsApp, Messenger, TikTok, Quora, and other social sites and platforms you are connected with.

Another awesome and powerful strategy is to Post And Pin your personalized URL at the top of you Facebook Business Page. Your URL can also be posted in your personal profile page for even more shareable possibilities; especially when you have nothing else to do. Following are a couple images that will show you how:

The above images are from an actual post on a Facebook business page. Notice the personalized “Home Dream Rewards” URL is at the end of the typed text. When you create your post you need to do the same. When you do, the same image will display in your post.  What’s so awesome about our system is when your Facebook Realtor Business Page visitors click or tap on either the text URL or the image they will be taken directly to your HomeDreamRewards.us branded system with your personal username ID. Therefore, when your visitors visit any of the pages, lessons, Buyer-Seller Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sections, and even articles on your personalized “HomeDreamRewards.us” system, your agent name, image and contact link buttons like above, which includes a tap-to-call button for mobile users, will be shown.

Pinning your post is as simple as the second above image reveals. Simply click the 3 dots in the top right of the post, and then click the “Pin to Top of Page”. That’s it! It will stay pinned until you unpin it. This could help your prospecting efforts for years. Can you imagine how many more commission checks you could earn if just 1 or 2 more prospects per month became clients through this system? THINK ABOUT IT!

REMEMBER: All You Do Is Give This System Away!


THAT'S IT... Our System Does The Rest! Sign Up TODAY!

As You Have Seen... This AWESOME System Has Features Every Agent... Can Prosper From For Years... STOP Letting Your Prospects... Leads... And Homebuyer Dreamers Get Away!

A System Like This... If You Can Find One... Normally Cost Agents And Brokers Up To $399 Per Month + An Enormous Setup Fee... But We Wanted Our System To Be Affordable For All Agents And Brokers... Including New Agents...

ONLY $97 Per Month (No Setup Fee)!

UNLIMITED Prospects & Leads Per Agent + UNLIMITED Reward Certificates


As stated at the beginning of this page, we realize the economic situation, especially in the real estate arena, is not good in most of the country. However, home buyers and sellers are still shopping and dreaming. We also stated that now is a good time to BRAND YOUR NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION in the TOP OF THEIR MINDS. Because of this we are offering you the following limited time special offer. The pricing is a locked-in price for as long as you are an active member, even if it is 5 years or more later. This is agent only pricing!


UNLIMITED Prospects & Leads Per Agent + UNLIMITED Reward Certificates

Signup TODAY!

(NOTE: Demo the free giveaway system as your leads and prospects would, through the homepage . All reward certificates are usable. )

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