Introducing A Powerful New Way To Use & Profit From Your Awesome 5-Star Reviews

5-Star Reviews + Videos = A Profitable Combination

"Online Reviews Are Extremely Critical To The Success Of Any Offline Local Business; Especially Real Estate Agents"

If you’re in the real estate business and want the most powerful way to market your business, pay close attention to this professional, affordable and cost effective strategy. When people go online to look for a real estate agent or agency, they look for online reviews, sometimes first. We all do. They want to know that your services are good and trustworthy. In fact, over 72{a0df8b6ddd92be3ffb57bd7adfbf688d574e750a74fd14fb1f1a6f261371d1e1} of people trust online reviews as much as personal referrals from a friend or family member.

Video is the most powerful tool you can use. And when you merge video with your great 5-Star Reviews, it becomes like advertising and marketing magic. The following statistics will prove my point…

The Awesome Power Of Online Reviews + Video...


If you and your company is like most hardworking honest local businesses, whether you know it or not, your  name and company probably already has some, if not many, “5-Star Online Reviews”. But did you know your 5-star reviews are some of the most powerful advertising and promotion influences you have online, even substantially more influential than advertising?

Unfortunately, your almighty powerful 5-star reviews are just sitting unproductively around on a multitude of sites like: Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Home Advisor,, Zillow, Trulia,, Rate My Agent, Homeowners Circle and Cut Above Realty Agents. Your 5-star reviews are constantly going unnoticed until local searchers start searching for your personal name as a real estate agent, your agency’s name, and your broker’s name. The times when people aren’t searching is a terrible waste of valuable online real estate and possible profits, wouldn’t you agree?

WHAT IF you could start using your almighty and powerful “5-Star Reviews” in more proactive, productive and profitable ways? Ways in which very few, if any, of your local area competitors are using them? In dynamic and attention-grabbing ways take your “5-Star Reviews” directly in front of the eyes of your possible prospects and clients. If you could do this, how much growth and profitability do you think your business would enjoy?

Following is one of our powerful ways you can accomplish those goals!

Introducing Our 5-Star Realtor Reputation Review Videos (RepVideos)

Take A Look For Yourself...

Here is an example of a real estate agent or agency RepReview Video...

Imagine in the background of the above video is a photo of property you have sold, and within it, a testimony of the happy new property owner. This may be one of many 5-Star reviews you already have online. If you don't have many, we will show you how to get more good reviews on a continuous basis.

Understanding Our Reputation Marketing System

Reputation Marketing is really leveraging review sites and social media with a strategy that combines Reputation Management and Brand Marketing together. Brand Marketing is the old way of thinking as it pertains to marketing (promoting) a company’s brand (name and logo); this is a very expensive type of strategy. But we’ve been able to combine Reputation Management and Brand Marketing into a brand new type of marketing we call “Reputation Marketing”.

Through our reputation marketing systems we take your “5-Star Reviews” directly to your possible prospects, consumers, patients or clients. This is exactly why our review video commercials are so critical and effective.

What Our Team Will Do For You

Your Small Investment...

These dynamic and unique online video commercials we produce with professional spokespersons, personalizations, prime time graphics, animations, background music, social and website syndication, and more typically run between $1,500 and $3,000 to produce, but we realize most local businesses wouldn’t be able to budget the production cost of one or more of our unique type of video commercials. For that reason, we are going to underwrite most of the costs of production for a few businesses in your area. This is for a limited time only, so you need to act fast. Remember, the more “5-Star Reviews” you have, the more effective and possible profitability syndication of our RepVideos will be for your company, so may want to take advantage of our discounts (we can schedule the syndication of each video over time at no additional cost).

Price After Waived Cost... Only $249 ea.

For the next 3 days only… Save An Additional 10-20{a0df8b6ddd92be3ffb57bd7adfbf688d574e750a74fd14fb1f1a6f261371d1e1} Each (depending on quantity)!

(If ordering more than 1 video, we can schedule the syndication of videos over time, no additional cost. Details on setup page.)

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