Introducing Our New... Advance Reputation Marketing System


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The 5-Star BIGGEST MISTAKES An Overwhelming Number Of Real Estate Agencies, Brokers And Agents Are... Not BUILDING Their Online REPUTATION'S BRAND (Personal Or Broker Name As It Relates To Real Estate)... And Then... Not PROMOTING Their REPUTATION!

Most businesses, including most real estate agencies and brokers, agents are another story, know they NEED Good Reviews, Ratings and Customer-Client Feedback but don’t know where to start… You can start by simply paying close attention to the following information and statistics…

Businesses all across America and the world, especially local offline businesses, have been letting their powerful “5-Star Reviews”, which most local hardworking honest business owners and staffs already have online, go to wasted. Those reviews, if you have any, are wasting away on sites like Google Search (the overwhelming #1 place), Zillow, Yelp,, Facebook, Trulia, Apartment Guide, Movoto,, Apartment Ratings, Rate My Agent, IBS Team, Homeowners Circle, Cut Above Realty Agents, Angie’s List, Reach150, and Rank My Agent, etc., until local searchers start searching for homes, agents or agencies. As an agent, if you don’t have any reviews, or very few, it is absolutely imperative that you see if you have any, plus start building them as soon as you can. Simply go to Google search then type in your name. REMEMBER: Your Real Personal Name Is Your Real Estate Brand!


What if you and your business could start using your almighty and powerful “5-Star Reviews” in more proactive and profitable ways? Ways in which very few businesses and competitors, especially local, are using them? In ways that takes your “5-Star Reviews” directly to and in front of the eyes of your possible prospects, consumers, patients or clients? If you could do this, how much more growth and profitability do you think your business would enjoy?

With that said, consider these motivating factors…

Introducing Our... Advance Reputation Marketing System...

We Do What Very Few Other Reputation Companies Do!

We Help Build Your 5-Star Reputation - We Help Monitor And Manage Your 5-Star Reputation - We Can Even Syndicate (Market) Your 5-Star Reputation On Social Media & Other Type Sites... Including Video Sites! Take a look at what we can do for your business...

Increase New Revenue

Catch negative Google reviews before they are posted on Google.

Keep Current Customers

Nurturing unhappy customers is proven to work to Rectify Bad Experiences.

Reduce Negative Reviews

Catch negative Google reviews before they are posted on Google.

Site Engagement Benefits

Give your customers an easy way to comment on their experience with you.

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Understanding Our Reputation Marketing System

Reputation Marketing is really leveraging review sites and social media with a strategy that combines Reputation Management and Brand Marketing together. Brand Marketing is the old way of thinking as it pertains to marketing (promoting) a company’s brand (name and logo); this is a very expensive type of strategy. But we’ve been able to combine Reputation Management and Brand Marketing into a brand new type of marketing we call “Reputation Marketing”.

“5-Star Online Reviews” are some of the most powerful advertising influences a local company has online, so why let them go to waste? These almighty powerful reviews sit unproductively on sites like Google Search, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, WebMD, Home Advisor, etc. until local searchers start searching for a specific company name or a local business category. When we thought about this, we asked ourselves, “how can we turn those idle but powerful 5-star reviews into more productive and more profitable reviews?” That’s when we created and developed our “Advance Reputation Marketing System”.

Through our reputation marketing systems we take your “5-Star Reviews” directly to your possible prospects, consumers, patients or clients. This is exactly why the system described in the above video and information below are so critical and effective.

Introducing Our... Realtor RepVideos Syndication & Optimization System...

We Do What Very Few Other Reputation Companies Do!

Here is an example of our Real Estate Agent or Agency RepReviewVideos...

Imagine in the background of the above video is a photo of a property you have sold, and within it, a testimony of the happy new property owner. This may be one of many 5-Star reviews you already have online. If you don't have many, we will show you how to get more good reviews on a continuous basis. The most powerful aspect of these videos is our system will customize and personalize each video title and description so they can rank in Google Search and Youtube for your local city or area, then upload them to Youtube. Therefore, if anyone searches for your agent or agency name, the videos will mostlikely appear at the top of the search, because Google favors videos, especially Youtube videos which Google owns. This helps to build credibility in the eyes of your prospects, even before they contact you.

Here Is an example of our Website Popup Reveiw Video Widget...

Bonus-7b Website Widget-1-600

A Review Of What Our Reputation Marketing Team Will Do For You

A Review Of What Our RepVideos Team Will Do For You

Your Small Investment...

Considering all of the mentioned features, benefits and monthly services… ask yourself this question… If you were to hire someone to build, maintain and consistently execute and monitor everything included.. What do you honestly think it would cost you to hire someone per month?

Our Complete Systems Start As Low As...

$399 Per Month!

(Pricing Depends On Whether Reputation Videos Are Included.)


25% Discount On All Rep Marketing Plans!

(Discount applies to all monthly payments, until you cancel your selected plan.)

RepVideos Creation & Syndication Only Pricing

1 Video Per Month $249 Each - 2 Videos Per Month $224 Each
4 Videos Per Month $211 Each


FREE Appreciation Marketing System Access

Do-It-Yourself Video Syndication

Videos Without Optimization & Syndication ONLY $199 Each

(Volume Discounts = 5 Videos $185 Each - 10 Videos $169 Each - 15 Videos $155 Each)

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