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Did you know Facebook ranks it’s local search results by the consistency and recency of posts and engagements? Most social media marketing experts recommend 2 or 3 niche relevant posts per day. Most realtors created, or had someone create, a Facebook business page to promote their services and properties on the #1 social site on the planet. Therefore, it makes good practical business sense to manage your Facebook business page in a manner that increases your page’s local visibility on Facebook; especially if you could inexpensively have someone to do the hard part for you.

As a solution, we have some amazing “Real Estate Buyer & Seller Tips images”, with text blurbs (comments),  plus our full year of  “365 Days Of Inspirational Quotes Images”, branded with your agent or agency name, location, and phone number. But the best part is… We Supply And Brand The Images… Then Do The Posting On A Consistent And Daily Basis (1 to 3 Times Per Day)… You Reap The Rewards!  

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