The New Real Estate Business Normal


Realtor Growth Strategies For The New Covid Normal


The Corona Virus Pandemic Has Changed The Way Local Real Estate Agents And Brokers Are Doing Business; Possibly Forever... If Your Real Estate Business Hasn't Adapted... You Are And Will Be Losing Thousands Of Dollars In Yearly Commissions!

The “Corona Virus Pandemic” has led to a new type of real estate clients, prospects, and leads . They are significantly more health conscious and cautious when dealing with people; even family members, and especially business professionals of all types.

No-one knows when and if this virus will ever completely go away, so real estate professionals have to keep this new mindset in mind, and find new ways of communicating with their clients, prospects and leads, and even fellow professionals.

Following is a fairly new concept and system that can help meet that criteria for many of you realtors; regardless of whether you are a real estate agent or broker.

Introducing... Our New WRT SmartMeeting Appointments And Meetings System With Both ZOOM & GoToMeeting Automation


PLUS Prepay Functionality Using Both Paypal & Stripe

Are Your Ready To Start Growing Your Real Estate Business In This "Covid New Normal" Real Estate World?

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Appointments • Meetings • Consulting • Webinars

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way that businesses operate all across the world, including real estate professionals. Conventional “in person” meetings are now being replaced with safer video conferencing meetings.

Another two aspects of business growth and marketing that the coronavirus pandemic has helped to explode are video and audio webinars and group meetings.

For countless thousands of business owners, financial professionals, real estate agents and brokers, what is so incredibly exciting about this video conferencing and meetings explosion, is the amount of money that is being made without leaving their homes or offices; for many it is an additional source of income.

Typically these professionals have to bill their patients, clients or attendees after the meetings, conferences and webinars. NOT WITH OUR SYSTEM! Not only can you schedule the events using our calendars with Zoom or GoToMeeting integration, you can also collect payments in advance.

Every professional, including real estate professionals, has knowledge and experiences the average person doesn’t have, why not use your real estate knowledge in an additional way to increase your income and referrals?

As a real estate professional, our “Agent Home Dream Rewards System”, which is introduced on the homepage, does an awesome job of educating your clients, prospects and leads, but if you combine it with personalized webinars and group meetings your income can grow exponentially. Plus, you are not limited to your local area or state. 

Reduce No-Shows & Late Cancellations

Reduce Your Appointment No-Shows By Up To 80%

Appointment no-shows are terrible for service and appointment based businesses. Often a missed appointment means no revenue and a service professional sitting idle – all cost and no revenue. Coping strategies like overbooking or queuing mean that businesses can’t efficiently allocate resources and no-shows rob businesses from engaging with customer-clients-patients during an appointment. And finally, they can push other customers on a long waitlist due to the scarcity of available times.

Appointment no-shows are harmful, pandemic or no pandemic. However, there are many solutions service and appointment based businesses can turn to in order to eliminate missed bookings.

Setting up automated reminders, educating customers on the damage missed appointments and last-minute cancellations cause, and optimizing your scheduling process are just some of the quick fixes businesses can put in place.

The Mother Of All No-Show & Late Cancellation Solutions

The mother of all no-show and late cancellation solutions are “Prepaid Or Deposit Structured Appointment And Meeting Settings”. When you factor in the email plus text message reminder functions of our system, along with advance payments, you can dramatically reduce your no-show and late cancellation percentages.

The SmartMeeting System Is As Simple As...

Creating a calendar; maybe 5 to 10 minutes tops. Copy the calendar embed code, then paste the embed code in your website, if you have one. You can share your calendars through: text message, email, post it in your Facebook business page, and other social media pages and profiles, print it on business cards and other printed materials using a free link shortening service, and any other ideas you come up with. All you have to do is: “right click” and copy the calendar website address, then paste it to a notepad so you can keep track of it, then us the above ideas. IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE AND EASY AND POWERFUL!

FREE "Zoom Master" Video Training

"How To Use Zoom To Improve And Grow Your Business"


No stones are left unturned when you get your hands on this incredible video series and guide. You will become a complete expert on Zoom, and you’ll get everything you need inside to do the same.

Here is a small part of what you will learn and be able to accomplish:

    • You will learn what Zoom is and what it has to offer.
    • Why you need to use zoom in your business.
    • You will learn how you can use Zoom effectively in your business.
    • You will be able to use all of the tips and tricks that Zoom masters use to get the best results from using the Zoom platform.
    • You will learn about the power of Zoom Webinars.
    • You will learn how to set your webinars up the right way and provide a high value delivery so that your attendees will turn into your clients.
    • You will learn the best strategies and tactics for you to increase engagement.
    • And Much More!

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