We Can Help You Boost Your Engagement On Your Facebook Business Pages By Up To 1000%!

We focus on helping Real Estate Agencies And Agents like yourself build brand awareness by posting high-quality professionally designed content to help your Facebook Business Page look more active while at the same time increasing prospect and client engagement.

1000% More Engagement Case Study

How we use professionally designed images to get a 1000% increase in engagement on a Facebook Business Page

The story behind how this Real Estate Agent discovered the “Posting” model.

This Real Estate Agent told me that they first stumbled onto this method when they were first getting started and were not sure what they were doing.

I’ll let them tell you all about it in their own words:

“Well it all started when I was trying to get my Facebook business page more active, but I knew I just couldn’t post the same old stuff that other Real Estate Agents were posting. I knew about Facebook marketing, but I really didn’t know where to begin. I wasn’t sure what I would post to our clients. I saw plenty of posts coming in from other businesses, but I didn’t want to be like them.”

“Then one day, I saw more of a cartoonish “meme” come in from a business we knew about and thought to ourselves that’s a good idea! It just had a more unique approach and I couldn’t wait to see the next one they were going to post.”

“I didn’t know exactly what I would create, but after some thought I came up with the content I post today. And low and behold within just a short amount of time the phone began to ring. It was a new client that had seen one of my posts from someone else who shared it.”

“Over the next week or so I continued to receive more inquiries. The person would say that they had recently seen one of my posts and that got them thinking about my business.”

The Real Estate Agent told me that this brought an additional 8 new clients that month and it averages between 5 and 10 new clients per month when he consistently posts on his Facebook business page. He went on to inform me that it was so effective for him that he had to hire someone to help him out with it because it was just too much to do it all himself, especially with all the additional business.

Your Credibility Is Constantly On The Line

Whether you believe or know it, most of your prospects and leads WILL and DO search for you and your real estate business on Facebook for reviews, a glimpse of the type of person you are, and your professionalism; just like companies and corporations search on Facebook, and other social sites, to learn about new job applicants.

Did you know Facebook is 4th most used platform for internet searches, with over 2 billion searches per day? This is good to know; especially, for local offline businesses like real estate agencies and agents. Did you also know, Facebook ranks it’s search results by the consistency and recency of posts and engagements? Most real estate agents and agencies are not meeting either aspect; Consistency, Recency and Engagement.

When prospects and leads visit an agent’s Facebook business page and see that it hasn’t been posted on in days, weeks or months, those prospects and leads start to wonder how credible and committed that agent is to his or her business. This also causes them to wonder: “if that agent can’t keep his or her Facebook business page active, how committed will he or she be in helping me with my real estate needs?”

If there is doubt in your prospects and leads minds, they will move on to another agent or agency, without giving you a second thought. Most agents would be surprised at how many prospects and leads they lose because of this one reality. This problem, in the internet marketing world, is called: SOCIAL CREDIBILITY; especially on Facebook, which is still the #1 social site.

Realtor Facebook Business Page Income Possibilities

Estimated Realtor Facebook Referrals Return-On-Investment (ROI)

The following is just an example of what most local realtors don't understand about the true value of a Realtor Facebook business page. This example reveals the possibilities for any realtor operating under a one-time home sale client basis. Most realtors think it would take a lot of clients to make Facebook worth the time and investment, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Pay close attention to what just 5 referrals per month (line "D" in image), and just 1 new client per month (line "H" in image) could add to your income over the course of a year; especially if your content is worth people sharing, commenting on, and clicking the "Like". (Click the image to enlarge.)

(The above figures are based on your Facebook page starting and continuing to stay active with good sharable content. The above calculations are also not promised or guaranteed income projections.

What We Can Do For You

"We Do The Work... You Reap The Rewards!"

 As stated earlier, Facebook ranks it’s search results by the consistency and recency of posts and engagements. Most realtors create, or had someone create, a Facebook business page to promote their services and properties on the #1 social site on the planet; therefore, it makes good practical business sense to manage your Facebook business page in a manner that increases your page’s local visibility on Facebook. So why don’t realtors post more good quality and appealing content more frequently, especially with such a limited number of your agency’s properties to help promote? The answer is simple: high-quality usable real estate related content is hard and time consuming to find, and then post regularly and consistently! Most social media marketing experts suggest posting at least 2 or 3 times per day in order to get the best results. Following is an affordable big part of the solution, even for new agents.

Relevant & Appealing Content Is King!

As A Real Estate Agent... What You Need Is Professional Looking Content That Explains What You Do... And How You Can Help Make Your Facebook Page Visitors' Home Dreams A Reality

Think about it, you'd never buy anything from someone you didn't think could help you. This is really the problem we help you solve with attractive eye-caughting image content. Not only does images do a much better job of communicating information than just text, it's much more engaging, memorable, and easy to share (free social advertising). Here are a few added benefits:

    • Increase Your Conversion Rate… so that more of your visitors turn into buyers.
    • Instantaneously Get Your Message Across… so that your visitors actually understand what you do and how you can help them.
    • Increase Your Perceived Value… by having that next level content so you can charge higher prices and be more desired.
    • Increase Demand To Work With You… by showing your company’s personality in social posts.
    • Add Revenue… by increasing engagement which leads to more fans and ultimately getting more customers.

We provide and post for you high-quality professionally designed images which are branded with your Facebook Business page profile image, whether agent photo or logo. These social posts will increase engagement on your business page, while also creating agent or agency brand awareness.

Real Estate Buyer & Seller Tips Basic Images

Real Estate Tips Sample Basic Images With Agent Or Agency Logo

(Click images to enlarge. Click the dark area around enlarged image to close.)

Real Estate Buyer & Seller Tips Upgrade Images

Real Estate Tips Sample Upgrade Images With Agent Or Agency Logo

(Click images to enlarge. Click the dark area around enlarged image to close. Each image comes with a inspirational quote, as a comment, in order to help boost engagement and sharing. REMEMBER: We Do The Work...You Reap The Rewards.)

365 Days Of Inspirational Quotes Images

Buying And Selling Homes Is Oftentimes A Long Process... During the process prospects and clients will sometimes get discouraged, and start thinking about giving up. That is where these beautiful high-quality "Inspirational Quotes" posts come in. It has been proven that Facebook visitors responds, participate and share in posts and images like these. Post interactions is one of the primary factors Facebook gauges when ranking business pages. These inspirational daily quotes can help brighten up your visitors day; maybe even their life. These images can be posted daily in conjunction with the above real estate tips posting packages, or posted as a standalone service.


Realtor Or Agency Branded "Quote Of The Day" Samples

(Click images to enlarge. Click the dark area around enlarged image to close.)

How Does The Process Work?

Step 1: Signup For Posting Service

Select the posting system you would like us to implement, then signup for that service.

Step 2: Fill Out The Brief Signup Form

In order to provide your posts we have some questions for you. This is a great time to let us know about your business, your audience, what your goal is, etc.

Step 3: Send Us Your Logo

We will use your Facebook Business Page Profile logo or Agent Photo to watermark your images; therefore, when your images are posted to your page, and get shared, everyone will know where posts came from, including your agent or agency branding on them. Simply upload a copy of your Facebook business page's profile image in the order form.

Step 4: Add Us As An 'Editor' To Your Facebook Business Page

We will need to be added as an 'Editor' to your Facebook business page so we can start posting the content to your page. We will explain the process after your order. It should only take you a few minutes to complete. You will always remain the primary page administrator. You and your staff can continue to post other content whenever you wish. That's It! We will do the rest, on a daily basis; week-after-week, month-after-month, 1 to 3 times per day (depending on your selected service plan).

Choose the perfect plan

"We Do The Work... You Reap The Rewards!"

Facebook Basic Images Posting Service


Post 2x Per Day

Facebook Upgrade Images Posting Service


Post 2x Per Day

Facebook Basic + QOTD Images Posting Service


Post 3x Per Day

Facebook Upgrade + QOTD Images Posting Service


Post 3x Per Day

Inspirational Quote Of The Day Posting


Post 1x Per Day

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