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Thank you for deciding to signup for our WRT SmartMeeting System. Please select the payment term you desire, then complete the form at the bottom. The required information is what we will use in order to setup your system. Make sure the information you input is correct because we will copy and paste your info into our system forms. We manually setup each system, so please allow us 2-3 days to get your system up and running, depending on our workload.  Thanks Again!

WHY WE ONLY USE PAYPAL – PayPal currently has over 286 million active users. If it were a bank, PayPal would be the 21st largest bank in the US. PayPal has over 20 million active merchant accounts, and billions of transactions conducted every year. PayPal’s community of online buyers and sellers relies on the guaranteed safe payment over the internet using the customer’s credit card or bank account. The reality is, using Paypal is 1,000 times safer than giving your credit card information to online merchants you have never heard of, including us. This is especially important because our memberships are paid on a monthly basis. If for some reason you were to cancel your paid membership through our cancel button, and the cancellation doesn’t happen you can go directly to Paypal to cancel your subscription, no questions asked. This is unlike most direct to credit card company subscriptions, where they require you to cancel and replace your card; a big headache. Paypal always look after the consumer first. All of this is why we ONLY USE PAYPAL!


Payment Selection NOTE: Select your desired plan by clicking in the “Plan Header Text Area” at the top of each selection box. Select from one of our Smart Calendar plans: 25, 50, 100 or Unlimited smart calendars.

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Select Your Payment Cycle
Select Your Payment Cycle
Select Your Payment Cycle
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